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Tradition is the passing of customs or beliefs from generation to generation. Many of these traditions create precious memories to last a lifetime!

My purpose here is to share with you one of my favorite holiday traditions that has been passed down at least 3 generations! We all know that past generations were good at being thrifty, that’s my guess how it started.  Who would have known that it would hold an emotional connection to past generations for me.

I create gift tags by recycling received holiday cards. I love to receive traditional folded holiday cards!

I collect your cards all season and when the time comes to clean up after the holidays instead of throwing them away I cut tags out of the picture on the front of the card. You can then punch a hole in the cut out and use a string or ribbon to attached it to a future gift. On the blank back you can put your To and From. Often you can get two gift tags out of one card. See example below.


The digital age has definitely made this harder to do because I cannot use family photo cards or front/back printed cards.  The tags only work if the card has a picture on the front and left blank behind.  As you can see from this years collection below a majority of the cards I receive are photo cards (which are also great for different reasons) but receive fewer and fewer traditional cards each year. 10-15 is good enough to keep the traditional alive.

The following year it is always fun to pull out the bag of gift tags and remember receiving the card the prior year!  Your card goes 2x’s as far in our house!

Traditions do not have to be huge, expensive and elaborate. They can be a simple project or a special cookie recipe that is baked.  What unique tradition does your family have?





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