Garden Update (post 2)

Better late then never! The plants just went in the garden on Memorial Day weekend. Between work and school coming to a close I’ve been able to find enough excuses to hold of planting my garden. I have found that even Mother’s Day is too soon with our crazy spring hail lately.

Now that the plants are in I’ll be keeping a close eye on the weather. While the plants are tiny I can easily place extra pots over them to protect them from hail.

The other obstacle I was concerned about was my cute bunny. The bunny doesn’t seem to care for the plants I put in. Not yet anyway. I fenced in my basil, parsley and rosemary so the bunny can’t get to those.

The greens of my carrots just started showing and I’m pretty sure that he will start eating those. I might have to fence those in as well.

The bunny loves eating the leaves off my blueberry bushes!

This year I knew I’d be waiting an extra two weeks until I planted the garden so I picked the cream of the crop and moved them into pots (from pods). This worked out great because the plants grew stronger before putting in the ground.

I ended up having a lot left over and divided them up among friends! More updates to come! Happy planting!

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